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Lets do this

Oh yes I can

Recently I posted about people wanting to give up easily and thinking they could not achieve. I am happy to say that all of the children who were struggling to learn the unicycle have now mastered it with three of them taking nearly a whole year to learn

What is so impressive is that they did not give up, despite others mastering the skill much quicker these three children all kept going. Others tried and gave up but not these three. 

I am very proud of them all. Its  amazing when someone achieves something you knew they could do but they did not think they could.

I cant do it

We all hear it and often. I cant do it.
But where do we get this idea from. Does I cant mean I don't want to or do we really believe we cant.
Today I was working at a club where the members have Dyspraxia. I have been before and am aware of the difficulties in co ordination faced by the youngsters as I to am Dyspraxic.
I want to mention the children and young people who tried the unicycle. There were all amazing. We started slowly with a lack of confidence and me holding them up. Some time later I looked up to see two boys riding down the hall barely holding on.
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