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Welcome to 2014 please pull up a chair


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Clowning arround

Welcome to 2014 please pull up a chair

Another new year and already half way through January.
Those of us with children will be amazed at how quickly they grow up and how fast time seems to pass. 
This year I am committed to making the very best memories for your childs party or family event to ensure you make the most of those special moments.
Crazy Bananas interactive parties are not just for the children the adults can join is as little or as much as they like and its great to see parents and children mixing and learning new skills together.

Long hot summer

Its been a long hot summer............

Its hard to believe that the long awaited summer holidays are over. I have been blessed with more bookings than any other year and have enjoyed all of them.

Its hard to single out any one event as they were all special however my visit to Churchill park special needs school left me inspired by the courage of the youngsters and the dedication of the staff. The school truly is a very special place and enjoyed spending time with them.

Once again I was a volunteer at Mersea Island festival which is an inclusive camp in Essex.

Clown family

I am privileged to be part of a large group of very special people. Clowns international had become my extended family over the past few years and on Tuesday my children and I went to London and stayed with Bubblz the clown. We spent 2 days sight seeing and then went to  Joseph Grimaldi park in Islington to celebrate the life of the afore mentioned clown who died 751 years ago. We had a fantastic time and discovered the joys of traveling on tube trains in central London during rush hour with suitcases and a unicycle.
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