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Happy days
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Running away to join the circus
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Happy days

As we approach another spring season I find myself looking back over the past years events. It seems like just last week that I twisted balloons in a local Tesco's and I get a call from a lady who saw me there. We are both surprised that its nearly a year ago.
Last year we were blessed with some wonderful summer days but that's not always the case here in the UK. When I turn up to an event and its raining I always try to make the very best balloons that I can make, it seems fair that the three children who braved the rain to attend the fete should get amazing balloons.


We all have them and although they can be complicated at times but they are worth it.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to be invited to be part of many families birthday celebrations, wedding and christenings.

There are so many different types of family, some are close, some quite frankly cant stand each other but when push comes to shove, most people rely on family when the chips are down.

My family is no different to anyone else's in that we get on at times and don't at others.

Anybodys business

Its been a while since I have blogged.

Lots has happened and most of it really positive. I have been away to Albania to entertain as part of the Bible Circus project.
I have had so many positive comments about my work and I am really grateful to every one for their support.

I love what I do and there is so much that I want to achieve with Crazy Bananas.
In recent weeks I have needed to look at the amount of income that goes out on charity expenses and have implemented a new policy where expenses must be covered for such events and am setting up crowd funding for those situations where I need extra funding.

Running away to join the circus

Running away to join the circus........

I took my son on a little holiday during the summer holidays, his sister was away with the Church and I wanted to treat him.
We often visit a circus who come this way early in the season and my son talks to the crew and has made a few friends.
We were invited to camp with the circus at its summer home in Mablethorpe and we packed the tent and went along.

Crazy Bananas was brought in to deliver some leaflets for the circus in the town and my son helped with this on a special bike with no handlebars, he loved it.

Welcome to 2014 please pull up a chair

Another new year and already half way through January.
Those of us with children will be amazed at how quickly they grow up and how fast time seems to pass. 
This year I am committed to making the very best memories for your childs party or family event to ensure you make the most of those special moments.
Crazy Bananas interactive parties are not just for the children the adults can join is as little or as much as they like and its great to see parents and children mixing and learning new skills together.

Long hot summer

Its been a long hot summer............

Its hard to believe that the long awaited summer holidays are over. I have been blessed with more bookings than any other year and have enjoyed all of them.

Its hard to single out any one event as they were all special however my visit to Churchill park special needs school left me inspired by the courage of the youngsters and the dedication of the staff. The school truly is a very special place and enjoyed spending time with them.

Once again I was a volunteer at Mersea Island festival which is an inclusive camp in Essex.

Oh yes I can

Recently I posted about people wanting to give up easily and thinking they could not achieve. I am happy to say that all of the children who were struggling to learn the unicycle have now mastered it with three of them taking nearly a whole year to learn

What is so impressive is that they did not give up, despite others mastering the skill much quicker these three children all kept going. Others tried and gave up but not these three. 

I am very proud of them all. Its  amazing when someone achieves something you knew they could do but they did not think they could.

Oh dear

Do you ever have one of those days................
Today might just qualify
First I am delayed delivering something due to meeting Dans teacher and then when I do arrive I find that the thing I needed to deliver has fallen from my bag and need to go home to get it.
I make it through the afternoon without to much problem then find my mobile is missing. I turn my bag out three times and then decide I left it when I did the delivery earlier. 
We get to swimming to find Dan has left his kit on the floor in the bathroom at home and we don't have time to go get it.

Bible circus

Celebrate Norwich is a three day event to promote Christian unity in Norwich. 

This year the focus was on family and Crazy Bananas was asked to attend.
I have a wonderful time and met so many people.

My heart is to work with children and young people to enable them to see themselves in a positive light. With my Christian work this entails using circus skills and balloons to help people see themselves as I believe God sees them, beautiful, individuals with a plan and a purpose for their lives.
For secular work I encourage children and young people to reach their potential using the same equipment.

I cant do it

We all hear it and often. I cant do it.
But where do we get this idea from. Does I cant mean I don't want to or do we really believe we cant.
Today I was working at a club where the members have Dyspraxia. I have been before and am aware of the difficulties in co ordination faced by the youngsters as I to am Dyspraxic.
I want to mention the children and young people who tried the unicycle. There were all amazing. We started slowly with a lack of confidence and me holding them up. Some time later I looked up to see two boys riding down the hall barely holding on.
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