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With a huge amount of circus skills equipment Crazy Bananas can cater for schools or youth groups both big and small. Small group or individual unicycle lessons available. Please call for more information and prices.

Its well know that children learn more when they enjoy what they are doing. Circus skills is excellent for enhancing all area of the curriculum and especially for building co ordination, self esteem and teamwork.
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Circus skills workshops for schools.
Using your hall (or outside space in better weather) children will get to try a range of equipment.

Pupils will try,
Plate spinning
Balance work 
Flower sticks
Bucket stilts

Excellent for 
hand eye co-ordination, teamwork
personal confidence
as well as providing material for follow on learning in 

A range of wheeled circus equipment is available where space allows.
This can be used in the workshop or in its own and is ideal for groups of up to 8 children.
The  4 carts are particularly suitable for children with additional needs  and allow them to be engaged in the activity at a level and pace they can cope with.

Loan box,
Once you have enjoyed your circus skills day why not borrow a small box of equipment for playground  use. Available for a small hire fee. Losses and breakages must be paid for.

Call today to book or for more details 01485 600 795

Balloon twisting workshops.
Enabling pupils to have hands on time inflating and twisting special balloons to explore and create.

Available for your current topic or theme. 
Bright colourful balloons encourage personal growth through achievement.

Pupils don't just tell the story, they make it using  a variety of balloon shapes creating opportunities for creative writing, math and science as a follow on activity 

After school circus skills clubs
Children  pay an amount in advance to join the club for 5 or 6 weeks. ( £3 week)
They will progress through the basics using a chart to track how they are doing.
This allows for mixed age groups where children work at a different pace.

Clubs can be used for wrap around care and can be on a rolling basis where children can work through many levels as they increase their skill level.
 They can also be used as a one off.
 Priority is given to schools booking a permanent weekly  club.

Thanks to Ellie age 9 for the use of the Photo
Information and prices - prices may vary according to requirements.
Amazing Schools daily circus skills workshop rate  - 9am until 3pm £300 book three months or more  in advance £260
Hourly rate £70

Also available with Christian theme for RE. See Bible circus page for details.

Badge work for uniformed organisations, Scouts, Brownies ect........Available locally expenses charged only. Not available in school holidays, June, July or December.
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