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Bring your RE lessons to life....
Bible Circus is an interactive program looking at the world as a Circus with God  the owner, Jesus the ringmaster and the Holy spirit as trainer. 
Bible circus aims to enable children and young people to see themselves as amazing individuals who have so much potential.

Ideal for Re lessons
Youth groups
Holiday clubs
and much more

 Available per lesson or daily. Suitable for class size groups although there is enough equipment for double this if space allows.

Balloon workshops
Don't just tell the story, make it. Come into the amazing world of the Bible using balloons to make the story and put your pupils right in the middle of what they are learning about.

Past workshop themes include
Parables and miracles
David and Goliath

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has up to date information or you can register your interest using the booking form on this site.
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07932 236 173

Content - varies but this is an expample
 The world of Bible circus in introduced along with the Christian belief that we are all wonderfully made.
The session focuses on encouraging children to try new things, to build on existing skills and to try out and push their skills to a new level.

There is emphasis on self esteem as well as both individual and team work.

Also available as a secular workshop

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